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Official Partners of the EHF

The EHF partners are an integral part of the future of European Handball. The EHF places great importance on the term 'partnership' rather than 'sponsorship' and strives to work with highly reputable global companies with a respected name on both the sporting and business markets.

The emphasis is placed on long-term, deep-rooted, working relationships which power the sport of handball forward.

The EHF would like to use this opportunity to thank its partners for their continued support and dedication to European Handball.

We are proud to have our name linked to such professional companies.


Infront Sports & Media - Official EHF Marketing Partner

Infront Sports and Media is the exclusive marketing partner of the European Handball Federation for the Men's and Women's EHF European Championships. This is a long standing and successful partnership commenced in 1993 and has accompanied EHF Euro Event development since that time.

Infront markets the television rights, media rights, and main sponsorship packages including commercial rights for rotating board advertising. They have also contributed to the development of the EHF EURO Brand by providing services via Swiss Timing Sport Service such as TV graphics, statistics and website programming and development.


adidas - Official EHF partner and supplier of balls and clothing

The reputation of the adidas trademark precedes itself. adidas has been the official EHF partner for sporting equipment and clothing since 1992. The company supplies top class balls and sports clothing for the EHF events and officials. adidas has also supplied the Champions League ball since the 2004/05 season.

Several new milestones have been set in 2009 with regard to setting up new pillars of cooperation with EHF partners in various fields. As of 2010 adidias will supply the equipment for EHF Euro volunteers. Since 2008 adidas has developed for each EHF Euro a ball corresponding with the national colours of the host nations.


Gerflor - Official EHF partner and supplier of sport flooring

The 'blue and yellow' flooring system at the European Championship has become a trademark feature of the events and is recognised world-wide. The EHF has been working with Gerflor since 2004 to equip the European Championship events for men, women and Younger Age Category events with a high quality EHF branded sport flooring which satisfies the needs of both the athletes and the requirements of a modern top sport event.

In 2006 the agreement was extended to include a Champions League flooring system for selected matches in the group phase and in all venues as of the last sixteen matches. The distinctive 'EHF Champions League colours' of blue lagoon and black will be used to present the CL event identity. Apart from the EHF Euro final rounds Gerflor will increase the presence of the yellow and blue EHF Euro Corporate Identity Taraflex floorings in a step by step process in the EHF Euro qualification within the upcoming years as well.


Nijha - Official EHF partner for handball goals

The Dutch sport equipment supplier Nijha has been the official EHF Partner for handball goals at EHF EURO Events and EHF Younger Age Category European Championships since 2004.

The Nijha EHF Championship goal has been especially developed for being used in connection with mobile sport flooring concepts such as Gerflor's and has become an integral part of the EHF Euro court set-up, meeting both the requirements of safety for the players and top competition standards in accordance with the rules.


SPORTADD/INTENSEGRIP - New official EHF partner and supplier of glue/resin

SportAddThis new handball resin convinces with its long-lasting adhesive power and its simple cleaning characteristics. Intense Grip ensures precise control of the ball and thus success for every player.

SportAddINTENSE- natural handball resin
- strong adhesive power
- rosin-free
- suitable for contact with skin
Thanks to its coordinated products, INTENSE GRIP can be removed effortlessly from hands after the game with cleaning wipes.


Rotowash - Official EHF partner and supplier of cleaning systems

Rotowash cleaning machines stand for 'clever cleaning' of handball floorings especially at EHF Euro Events since 2006. Rotowash is the official EHF supplier of cleaning machines. Easy to handle they give the Taraflex handball floorings supplied by Gerflor a better look - before, during and after the EHF Euros. The look of the court also decides the quality of TV pictures as well as a clean flooring set-up for the spectators in the hall.