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Officials Conference Part 2

Built in 2001 as part of the impressive sports complex Aarhus Atletion, the NRGi Arena was the venue in which the 2002 Women's National Danish Handball team won the European Championship gold medal.

At this event the beautiful architecture of the building really came to life, providing a tremendous atmosphere for both athletes and spectators alike.

Since 2002, NRGi Arena has had the opportunity to host many spectacular events outside of Handball as well, e.g. the European Championship in table tennis in 2005, the World Championship in Gymnastics 2006, the world famous equestrian show Apassionata, lectures by Bill Clinton and Kofi Annan as well as the Danish Eurovision Song Contest.

Website: www.atletion.dk
Distance to city-centre: 12 minutes
Nearest Airport: Aarhus (national), Billund (international)
Spectator Capacity: 5,000