Tomas: A good start was important

BLOG: Spain's right winger takes us through his feelings on the opening day of the championship

Hello everyone, I'm happy to collect my thoughts and feelings during this European Championship. As is customary during this time, many team players, using different media, I will explain what is happening at the #ehfeuro2014.

The deadline for breakfast on the morning of the opening game was set for ten. Maybe it was my desire to start the championship, or my hotel mattress, but I opened my eyes at eight and I could not go back to sleep.

As usual, we find ourselves in a hotel with the rest of the teams we're going to compete with in this first phase of the championship. I do not like sharing the common areas with the players, when we're planning to "kick their ass" and I enjoy it even less when the hotel is as small as this and aits  is in the middle of nowhere, you cannot go for a walk to evade the environment...

Being the current world champions has its pros and cons. The pros, we hope to have that point of respect from all referees and the EHF, so that things always go well at key moments in which the matches are decided. 

The cons, the desire your oppenents have to play against you and  beat you, especially the desire that we should expect from Denmark after the historic outcome of the end of the 2013 World Championship.

My head began to display the game and imagine what I would like to happen, previous nerves known as "butterflies in the stomach" usually take little longer to arrive, closer to the game. 

These competitions are the ones that all players like to play. Sunday was especially important, I felt that the end result would determine our path for the rest of the championship, and winning the first two points is important in many ways: through points, through the computer, the moral, the image In short ... for everything!

For all this and more, it was important for a good start on Sunday.

Greetings to all!

Victor Tomas is regarded as one of the top right wingers in Europe. The 28-year-old is a natural born leader, captaining FC Barcelona and has won a number of major championships, including the VELUX EHF Champions League and World Championship. Victor is also a keen blogger and very active on his Twitter account @VictorTomas8 

written by Victor Tomas, Spanish right wing and captain