Being a young reporter at the EHF EURO

EHF EURO BLOG: Stationed with Group D in Copenhagen, Claudia Bisconti talks about her reporting experiences at the championship

Photo: Mie Oestergaard

Being a part of the EHF Young Reporters Programme has so far been a great experience.

I, the left girl in the picture, next to me is my young reporter colleague Merle, made the cut and joined the team because of my work with Danish club KIF Kolding Copenhagen where I'm used to doing different kinds of journalistic work like interviews, reports and stories with the team and its players.

But being a reporter at the EHF EURO is quite different because of the surroundings, conditions and, of course, the atmosphere.

When your passion is as great as mine for handball as well as for 'writing a good story', nothing is bigger than being a part of such a spectacular event.

It is incomparable and a great honour for someone in my position to get to work for the European Handball Federation.

Being here allows me to unfold and develop my journalistic skills – going to the mixed zone, covering press conferences and writing different kinds of features – but also gaining further personal experience – like meeting deadlines, keeping focused when things get busy and carry responsibility.

And also it is a lot of fun. I’m working with some lovely people. I'm getting to see some great handball and talk to some of the best players in the world.

To date I've interviewed people like Mirko Alilovic, Domagoj Duvnjak, Mattias Andersson and Siarhei Rutenka – just to mention a few of them.

I am definitely learning a lot from this experience, increasing my network and got plenty of good memories that I will always remember.

I’ve enjoyed everything so far and I’m very much looking forward to the main round which I think could be even more exciting.

written by Claudia Bisconti, EHF Young Reporter