"My biggest experience so far"

EHF EURO BLOG: Young Reporter Merle Schaack blogs about her experience during the preliminary round in Copenhagen

Photo: Brian Lindberg Jensen

The EHF EURO has been without doubt the biggest experience so far in my still young journalistic career.

Even though I (the girl on the right in the picture) am used to getting quotes in mixed zones and covering press conferences, putting this on an international level was exciting for me.

After the introductory workshop in November I felt well prepared for the work that was expected from me during the tournament and I was really looking forward to working with the 'Dream Team Copenhagen' - that's what we, the EHF Journalist Mie and my young reporter colleague Claudia, called ourselves.

It was very interesting to look behind the scenes of such a big event and furthermore to be a part of it.

Getting into the rhythm of the tournament was something I've never experienced before and it meant for me that I was living in a bubble of European handball and forgot everything that was going on in the rest of the world.

The injury of a Montenegrin player could for some hours become the most important thing in my life just because we wanted to publish some information about his condition as soon as possible.

Talking to players and officials turned out to be absolutely uncomplicated.

Most of them were very open-minded and easy-going which made our work as easy as possible.

After a training session I found myself sitting on the court right next to Sweden's new star player Kim Ekdahl du Rietz, who was stretching his legs, having a chat with him on how boring the hours between the matches and training sessions are without having a PlayStation.

What I liked most about my days in Copenhagen besides that they were full of handball was the fact that I could use all my languages. Switching between English, Swedish and German all the time, of course, was a challenge but I quickly got used to it and it turned out to be quite useful, considering that many Croatian and Swedish players play in the German Bundesliga.

All in all I had an incredibly instructive and busy week and a lot of fun working as a Young Reporter and I want to thank the EHF for giving me the possibility to experience the tournament from a journalist's perspective!

written by Merle Schaack, EHF Young Reporter