Meeting of the greats

BLOG: Tomas shares his thoughts on the upcoming repeat of last year's World Championship Final against the hosts

After three consecutive victories, one in which the team was very solid, and the other showing that we are just that, a team, the main round matches are close.

These are the games which decide who will fight for medals and those who finally return home simply pleased to have played and participated in a competition such as the #ehfeuro2014.

Yesterday we arrived in Herning, after a comfortable ride for a couple of hours by bus. We arrived at the hotel and we could settle in peace, eat, rest and go training.

When stepping on the Boxen Arena, I had that feeling that always I have when coming into a big arena, an arena that has been fully packed in previous day with fans cheering for their team for 60 minutes, I had the feeling that today is going to be a meeting of the great!

All Danish media, as usual, have sold the game today with a vengeance, the World Championship defeat is smarting a lot.

We do not have to play that game, but if I tell the truth, I like the environment of today's occasion, it is a hot and aggressive environment, that's part of the charm of handball.

We know that today's match is important to continue with a firm step towards the semi-finals, but the 4 points carried over from the first phase means that, win or lose today, it is not decisive.

The number of messages I am getting these days for all my social networks are amazing, it's amazing that there are so many handball fans in Spain.

I really appreciate your support, and I hope that we canbeat the host in their own back yard, so we can move forward in this tournament.

I also want to recognise the coverage being given media to this championship, as it is very important that this sport shares its fair space in the media.

Greetings to all!

Victor Tomas is regarded as one of the top right wingers in Europe. The 28-year-old is a natural born leader, captaining FC Barcelona and has won a number of major championships, including the VELUX EHF Champions League and World Championship. Victor is also a keen blogger and very active on his Twitter account @VictorTomas8 

written by Victor Tomas, Spain right wing