Danes happy with positive reactions

NEWS REPORT: The President of the Danish Handball Federation looks back on the EHF EURO 2014 with happiness

Photo: Uros Hocevar

The Danish Handball Federation, hosts of the EHF EURO 2014, is happy with the way the event has turned out many positive reactions the federation has received from various participating nations in particular.

"On the morning when the Austrians were leaving, I received a long email from their coach (Patrekur Johannesson) who expressed how content they had been with the event," Denmark's national coach Ulrik Wilbek said at a recent press conference, and positive reactions are also what Per Bertelsen, President of the Danish Handball Federation has received a lot of.

"Looking back on the event, we have almost entirely positive experiences, and I too have received a lot of positive reactions from the participating nations – and I am pretty sure that they would not express their happiness with the event, unless they meant it," Per Bertelsen told ehf-euro.com.

Three positive elements

Personally, the chairman is also happy with the way things have turned out over those past two weeks.

"To us, hosting this event, has been a great and positive experience, probably only with a single exception. Three things in particular have pleased me.

"One thing that has pleased my Danish handball heart is obviously the way our Danish team has performed. Another is the atmosphere in the halls.

"Here I am not only talking about the fantastic atmosphere in Jyske Bank Boxen here in Herning on every match day, but also about the other venues, where the atmosphere has also been great.

"Finally, I have been impressed with the effort from all our volunteers. Ahead of this event, our aim was to copy the smiling attitude from the 2012 London Olympics, and I think we have succeeded with that," finds Per Bertelsen.

Learning all the time

Hosting an event such as an EHF EURO is no new experience to the Danish federation, but still the chairman finds that the hosting federation will always have things to learn.

"We are learning all the time, and we will probably also learn from hosting this event. As soon as the tournament is over, we are going to evaluate the entire event seen from our angle, and send a report to the EHF on how we have seen things.

"Now I am only hoping for a great and successful final day – and seen from a Danish perspective I obviously hope for a Danish win in the final," concludes Bertelsen.

written by Peter Bruun / cor