Major focus on handball on Danish TV

PRESS RELEASE: EHF EURO 2014 glues 40 per cent of Danish population in front of their screens

EHF EURO 2014 has become a major TV hit within the Danish audience. Not only are the venues well-visited but also on TV the Danes tune in on handball.
Handball is on every screen in Denmark and as for TV there has been an increase in the numbers of viewers for handball matches and not only for matches where Denmark plays.

TV3 Sport 1 has transmitted no less than 23 matches live and another 13 matches rerun – all matches without Denmark playing.
These transmissions have been very popular which underlines the fact that the Danish have a general interest in handball as a sport and in the EHF European Championships in particular.

The numbers of viewers were significantly higher than for normal handball transmission. The average number per match was 141,000 and for some of the high demand matches the numbers increased to over 200,000.
TV3 Sport 1 explains how they had a special set-up not only with dedicated commentators but also with a TV studio within the arena and with additional focus between the matches on handball specific issues.
For the Danish matches the TV interest has also been enormously and probably not even peaked yet. Host Broadcaster TV2 informs that on average, 1.625,000 followed the first half and after half-time the average exceeded for the first time at the EHF EURO 2014 two million TV viewers.

2,012,000 Danes watched the second half.  This is equivalent to approximately 40 per cent of the Danish population of 5.5 million inhabitants.

written by Sport Event Denmark / br