Nabiha 'bangs the drums' at EHF EURO

The Danish No.1 singer will perform the final tournaments official song at the January event

Nabiha's statement on Facebook could not have been any clearer: "I am so happy to announce that my forthcoming single "BANG THAT DRUM" will be the official theme song for the European Handball Championship 2014! BOOOOM!", the 27-year-old posted on her wall.

The song will be played at every match of the 15-day tournament and Nabiha, whose single 'Mind The Gap' hit top position in the Danish charts this year, will perform live at the opening (12 January) and the closing ceremony (26 January) at the 14,000-capacity Jyske Bank Boxen in Herning.

'Bang That Drum' will be officially released at the start of January 2014.

"I am honoured to be asked to write the official song for the EHF EURO 2014 and I look forward to becoming a part of this great event," Nabiha said.

"My goal with 'Bang That Drum' is to unite everyone for a big handball party.

"At the same time I have considered the players and their tough preparation for such an event – an intensity I can relate to in my work as an artist experiencing big expectations towards my performance."

The Danish Handball Federation's director, Henrik M. Jakobsen, is equally looking forward to Nabiha's performance.

"We are very proud to present Nabiha as the artist behind the official event song for the EHF EURO 2014.

"We are extremely happy with the song. 'Bang That Drum’ holds all the elements we could possibly wish for to support the championship atmosphere. This is a giant scoop!"

written by ehf-euro.com / ts