Observer – a great tool for referees, delegates and coaches

NEWS REPORT: After a testing period during past continental championships, the Observer System is in full operation mode at the EHF EURO 2014

Life was never easier for EHF referees, delegates or other experts from the field of handball when it comes to their preparation for upcoming matches or analyses of their performances on court.

The new tool Observer System, which has been developed by EHF, enables all professionals at the EHF EURO 2014 to review detailed videoclips of particular actions virtually immediately after the final whistle.

The project started already at the EHF EURO in 2010 and after a testing period during past continental championships, the Observer System is in full operation mode at the EHF EURO 2014.

"We have covered all matches in all venues with the new software here in Denmark,“ said Antonio Ojeda, the EHF analysist at this tournament.

"During the game we are already uploading the video clips and anybody can watch the clips on our website platform so it is accessible from any devices like PCs, laptops, tablet or mobile phones. In the past it was much more complicated for referees or delegates to gather all neccessary information,“ Ojeda added.

Dragan Nachevski, the chairman of the Technical Refereeing Committee of the EHF Competition Commission appreciates the new possibilities.

"The truth is that this tool is already over one year old, but for the first time all delegates and referees are using it at this EURO. The new platform contains also a section where referees can post their comments or questions and open a discussion about each category,“ explained Nachevski.

"This tool is really very helpful and not only for delegates and referees. It can be used by coaches as well, or anybody who need to understand our line of refereeing at the championship for example regarding direct two minutes,“ he added.

Tool to spend time more useful

"It has already helped us a lot. We have done a lot of analyses through this system during this tournament. And this software is really good because is well-organised. Every situation is tagged, so you can look up for example for seven metres decision or two minutes suspensions. For us it has been a great tool,“ one of the European top referees Mads Hansen said.

"The time we use has been decreased, because we do not have to cut the games by some kind of an oldfashioned tool. It is much easier to use the new software. So we can use our time much more usefull than we did in the past.“

Ojeda is pleased with the positive feedback from referees and delegates, but still he sees a space for further improvement of the software.

"Right now the users have the option to create their own playlist where they can focus only on the selected categories, which they can filter," he revealed.

written by ehf-euro.com / br