Top scorer Sigurdsson has one more game, while ten players can win their third gold

NEWS REPORT: EHF Journalist Björn Pazen gives you all the facts and figures after the main round and before the final weekend of the EHF EURO 2014

Photo: Uros Hocevar

42 matches have been played before the final weekend.

2314 goals have been scored to date at the EHF EURO 2014.

Before the top six teams will be decided, it is again time to have a look at the most important facts and figures of the tournament before Croatia face Denmark and France take on Spain in the semi-finals on Friday.

Iceland and Poland face for 5th place just before these four teams take to the court.

0 - Number of times Croatia and Spain have become EHF EURO champions so far. Their best results have been silver medals. Spain came second in 1996, 1998 and 2006, Croatia in 2008 and 2010.

0 - Number of draws that occurred in the 18 matches of the main round, in total three matches (all in the preliminary round) ended with a draw.

1 - Only one Men's EHF EURO host has become EHF EURO champion: Sweden in 2002. Spain (1996), Slovenia (2004) and Serbia (2012) won silver when they hosted the respective event

1 - Only one team has won all their EHF EURO 2014 matches. Hosts Denmark kept their clean record. Spain, France and Croatia lost one match each

2 - Number of times each France (2006 and 2010) and Denmark (2008 and 2012) were EHF EURO champions

4 - Number of European teams that are already qualified for the Men's World Championship 2015 in Qatar: Defending world champions Spain and the three semi-finalists Croatia, France and Denmark.

The remaining nine spots will be decided in play-off matches in June.

6 - Consecutive times Croatia have reached an EHF EURO semi-final. Twice they made it to the finals, in 2008 (losers against Denmark) and 2010 (losers against France).

For the third time Croatia will face the EHF EURO hosts in the semis after 2004, when they were defeated by Slovenia, and 2012, when they lost against Serbia.

10 - players can win their individual third EHF EURO gold medals this weekend: Hans Lindberg, Michael Knudsen, Kasper Sondergaard, Bo Spellerberg (Denmark, 2008, 2012) and Thierry Omeyer, Daniel Narcisse, Jerome Fernandez, Michael Guigou, Nikola Karabatic and Luc Abalo (France, 2006, 2010).

11 - biggest goal difference in an EHF EURO 2014 match to date. First it happened when Croatia beat Belarus in the preliminary round, then Spain beat FYR Macedonia with the same resut in the main round.

23 - 23 goals from 23 attempts is the brilliant 100 per cent shooting efficiency of Swedish line player Andreas Nilsson.

28 - Plus 28 is the best goal difference of the twelve main round participants, reached by Denmark ahead of Croatia and Spain (+21 each).

44 - Number of goals scored by Icelandic left wing Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson who currently ranks first in the the top scorer ranking ahead of Kiril Lazarov (MKD/38) and Siarhei Rutenka (BLR/34).

70 - Number of saves of by Macedonian goalkeeper Borko Ristovski that put on top of the saves ranking ahead of Nikola Marinovic (AUT) and Björgvin Gustavsson (ISL) with 61 saves each.

72 - Number of goals scored in the main round neighbour's duel Russia vs. Belarus (39:33), making it the highest scoring match in terms of goals, followed by France against Belarus (39:30).

125 - Number of goals conceded by Denmark, which sees them sporting the best defence of all main round teams ahead of Croatia (126) and Spain (135).

157 - Number of goals scored by France in the matches accounted for in the  preliminary and main round to top the 'best attack' ranking ahead of Spain (156) and Denmark (153).

The fastest shots of the main round: When Croatia's Stipe Mandilinic scored to make it 20:19 in the match against France, the ball hit the net with a speed of  113 kilometres per hour, making it the fastest of its kind in the main round.

With this 'hammer shot' Mandalinic is topping the 'fastest shot ranking' together with Swedish back court player Johan Jakobsson, who scored with 113 km/h in the preliminary round match against Montenegro.

The Top 10 'main round hammers':

113 km/h: Stipe Mandalinic (CRO) in the match CRO vs. France

112 km/h: Siarhei Shylovic (BLR) in the match BLR vs. RUS

109 km/h: Samuel Honrubia (FRA) in the match FRA vs. SWE

109 km/h: Henril Möllgaard (DEN) in the match DEN vs.ISL

109 km/h: Dimitry Nikulenkau (BLR) in the match BLR vs. FRA

108 km/h: Anders Eggert (DEN) in the match DEN vs. ISL

108 km/h: Viktor Szilagyi (AUT) in the match AUT vs. HUN

108 km/h: Lukas Karlsson (SWE) in the match SWE vs. FRA

108 km/h: Kim Ekdahl du Rietz (SWE) in the match SWE vs. RUS

108 km/h: Nikola Karabatic (FRA) in the match FRA vs. CRO

written by Björn Pazen / ts