When handball players daydream

A new Youtube series shows Austria's internationals talking about their hopes and dreams for the EHF EURO

After they hosted the EHF EURO 2010 themselves, this year Austria qualified for the first time by sportive means and will travel full of anticipation to the 2014 European Championship in Denmark.

With the event arguably being the highlight for every player in the weeks to come, the hopes and the will is there to turn the EHF EURO into a great success.

On camera many Austrian internationals, including team captain Viktor Szilagyi, former Füchse Berlin-player Conny Wilczynski, wing player Robert Weber, goalkeeper Thomas Bauer and shooting star Raul Santos, even publicly tell about their daydreams when it comes to the EHF EURO.

These dreams start with "winning the opening match against Czech Republic" (Viktor Szilagyi), continue with "reaching the main round" (Max Herrmann) and reach some veritable - some might even say doutable for a comparably small handball nation such as Austria - heights when Robert Weber talks about "a spot among the top 5" and Conny Wilczynski says that he, after Austria's final match, wants to wake up with a medal around his neck.

While their dreams might differ, every Austrian international agrees that reaching the main round is the team's minimum goal in Denmark.

"There is no dreaming about that. That's a goal we can realistically achieve. For that it's important to win our opening match. This one match has the importance to impact our entire tournament."

Goalkeeper Bauer believes in Austria's strengths: "It wasn't coincidence that we qualified. We came second in our group. We lost only one match, therefore we definitely don't travel to Denmark just to be part of it.

"We know that if we do well at the EHF EURO we have a better chance of an easier draw when it comes to the European play-offs for the World Championship 2015."

Daydreams on Youtube

All five episodes of Austria's internationals' daydreams are available on the Youtube channel of the Austrian Handball Federation (see related links).

written by ÖHB / ehf-euro.com / ts