'Where the hell is Herning?'

EHF EURO BLOG: There was a comedy show with the same title broadcast some years ago, but Mie Oestergaard is convinced that Herning is worth a visit. Here come her tips for a perfect EHF EURO final weekend

Photo: Uros Hocevar

Herning - everything, but fun? No, because I'm convinced that it's not as bad as its reputation - and I have to admit I lived there myself. So here come my tips for what do to, where to eat and how to have fun in Herning during the last few days at the EHF EURO 2014.

Just one more thing before I start: The reason why I'm saying there is more to Herning is because there are almost one million people visiting the city - well, of course, most of them come to the MCH, the Messcenter Herning, that massive exhibition and entertainment complex just outside the city.

Jyske Bank Boxen, the hall that has been hosting 14,000 handball fans every second day for the past two weeks, is part of the complex. So is a football stadium and a congress centre.

It is the only complex of its size in Denmark and enjoyed a spectacular opening when Lady Gaga came for the Boxen's inaugural concert in 2010.

So let me get back to my initial point. When the stars of the world, whether it's music or sport, and almost a million people come to Herning, there must be something to this city with its 50,000 people.

Top five restaurants in Herning:

1. Brasseriet is a French dinner restaurant in the centre of town and one of the most popular and best places to eat out if you ask the locals.

2. The first Hereford Beefstouw opened in 1971 and since then they expended their number of restaurants. They serve steaks in all shapes and sizes.

3. If you are more into fish, I can recommend this Japanese place: Yutaka Sushi Bar where they always serve fresh fish.

4. The food speaks for itself at Napoli. The restaurant serves delicious Italian specialities, including, of course, pizza and pasta.

5. Bryggeriet is the Danish word for brewery. It is not only a place for a great beer but the food can in any ways also be recommended.

Top five places to go out:

If you are looking for a good night out, here are some suggestions, where you can get a bit tipsy.

1. Murphy's is a typical Irish bar, serving what any regular Irish bar would serve.

2. Fox and Hounds is a Scottish bar with at least 50 different types of whiskeys.

3. Fermaten is located in medium-sized music venue in the centre of town.

4. The discotheque 60eren is a very Danish nightclub where you are  an outsider if you are not hitting the dance floor.

5. When the clock reaches three in the morning and you haven't had enough hit Tyren (El toro) where you can party until six o'clock.

Top five things to see:

In case you get sick of handball (even though I don't think that's possible), Herning has plenty on offer even outside Jyske Bank Boxen.

1. HEART is Herning's museum of contemporary art and well worth a visit, if you enjoy a bit of culture. It houses the largest public collection of Piero Manzoni works. Its exhibitions often focus on conceptual and video art.

2. Løvbakkerne is a nature centre in the woods just north of Herning, where you can go for a run or take a walk through the beautiful surroundings.

3. Knudmosen is a another good escape, as it will take you through every kind of tree that can to be find in the Danish woods.

4.You can pretty much to everything at the in- and outdoor DGI Huset, whether you fancy doing some exercise or simply want to have fun! DGI Huset Herning is all about physical activity.

5.Vesterhavet is just a half an hour trip west of Herning. So jump in your car and very soon you will be able to enjoy a spectacular coastline.

Top five fun things to do:

Can you feel your body getting stiff and you would actually rather play yourself than watch anymore handball? Get up and have some fun.

1. Baboon City is a indoor playground with every kind of fun stuff for kids as well as adults, The place is open Friday to Sunday from 12:00 to 19:00 and especially from 19:00 to 21:00 hrs only for adults.

2. If going for a run is not your thing, there are other ways to get the adrenaline going such as the bowling alleys at Herning Bowlinghal.

3. Take a trip to the cinema in Herning's BioCity if you fancy looking at something else than handball. Sit back in the relaxing seats and enjoy the smell of popcorn.

4. If you are into fashion Denmark is the right country to visit, and Herning is not even that bad. So make sure you pass by the large indoor shopping centre, Herning Centret.

5.If bowling is not enough, you can always enter Herning Go-Kart Center and have some fun driving against your mates.

written by Mie Oestergaard, EHF Journalist